Extra articles on Champagne.

The Most Unusual Bar in Champagne

What's on in Champagne - Perching BarIf you think you been to all the most memorable champagne bars in the world, think again.

In the forest between the villages of Verzy and Verzenay, down a rather bumpy track, there’s a bar like no other. It’s called The Perching Bar. Why? Well, because it’s perched in the tree-tops with a view over the vineyards and the plain below.

It’s not open every day, just Wednesdays and at weekends, but if you’re looking for a place that’s a bit different to sip your next flute of champagne, this could well be it.

Les Fêtes Henri IV

What's on in Champagne - Fetes Henri IV bannerI’m sure you’ve heard of people having an Open-House Day, well, in the village of Ay they have an open-house weekend which is called Les Fêtes Henri IV.  The festival is name after the king of France who granted special privileged status to the village back around 1600 Les Fêtes take place over a weekend in early July but only once every two years and if you’re thinking of coming to Champagne in 2012, you’re in luck.

This year’s festival runs from  6th – 8th  July.