April In Champagne


They reckoned that acting individually, they didn’t have the resources to generate very much publicity and to get themselves know, but together they could punch above their weight. They decided to put on a tasting event and in particular to give people the chance to taste the still wines from the previous year’s harvest before they were turned into champagne.

The event has been going now for about five years and attracts several hundred wine professionals from around the world. It has been so successful that many other groups have been set up. Here are a few, in no particular order:

Les Artisans de Champagnes


Les-Mains-sign225Les Mains du Terroir de Champagne





Origines Champenois


Passion de Chardonnay


Les Vignerons de Verzenay Grand Cru ( no web site yet, but there will be next year)

Club-Tresors-sign225Le Club Trésors de Champagne ( this group was founded in the 1970s but this is the first year they have had their own tasting event)



The events are designed for wine professionals and you won’t be able to buy any champagne at the events, but if you are in the wine trade and interested in champagne then be sure to mark mid April in your diary for next year. See you then

All the best from Champagne