Champagne Christian Briard

If you like discovering tiny champagne makers of good quality that very few people know about , then you'll enjoy Champagne Christian Briard.

Cuvee-Ambre-Vigne-225Christian's Cuvée Ambre 2005 is featured in the latest edition of Luxurious magazine. Great exposure for Christian, but in some ways the article doesn’t do full justice to his story, so perhaps I can fill in a few gaps.

You could say that this is the story of the prodigal son. Christian’s father wasn’t a champagne maker or vigneron, and there was no obvious reason for Christian to enter the world of champagne. Instead he followed a quite different career path and spent the majority of his career - until a few years ago - in the high tech industry of smart cards; an industry that has nothing to do with wine, apart perhaps, from drinking it.

However Christian’s grandfather WAS a vigneron and it seems that the pull of the family terroir proved irresistible to Christian, lead him to turn his back on the world of chip and PIN and brought him back to his tiny home village of Jaulgonne, quite a way down the Marne River valley westwards from Epernay.

This is the heart of Pinot Meunier country and it’s only natural therefore that Meunier features strongly in all the Christian Briard blends. Consequently they're fruity and soft on the palate, but they nevertheless have an elegance that will come as a pleasant surprise to those who feel that Pinot Meunier can be a little 'rustic'.

Christian-tasting225So far there are only three champagnes in the range:

Cuvée Ambre Vintage 2005 – the one that was featured in Luxurious magazine

Cuvée Maurice Romelot named after Christian’s grandfather and

Cuvée Rubis, a rosé

Each champagne is beautifully presented in a bottle hand-decorated using a design created by a famous Vietnamese artist.

Why Vietnamese you might wonder.Oysters-and-Champagne-Christian-Briard225

Well, this is another interesting and unique feature of Champagne Christian Briard. Over the years Christian has spent many months in Vietnam where he not only acquired an appreciation for the country’s culture and cuisine, but where he also met his wife. So,a little oriental touch on the bottle seems only natural. 

You can find out more about Champagne Christian Briard here where you’ll also discover some fascinating food and champagne matching recipes that are refreshingly original compared what is on offer on many other sites. 

A small champagne producer that is well worth getting to know