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Welcome to our shop

At My Man In Champagne there are two things that we want to do:
One is to help you get as much pleasure as possible out of champagne and to help you learn as much as you want about champagne. So we’re putting together an array of gifts, books, e-books and videos to do just that.
The other is to take you off the beaten track and help you discover the side of champagne that most people never get to experience. That’s why lots of the items in our shop are things that you simply won’t find anywhere outside Champagne itself.

We’re always on the lookout for something special and we’ll be constantly adding to the selection  as the weeks and months go buy.  So be our guest and take a look around.  We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

In the e-books section you can find the popular Insiders Guide to Champagne and our latest offering The Secrets of Selling Champagne.

In the books section you can find beautiful works by Michel Jolyot, the most famous photographer in Champagne, who has captured the beauty of Champagne in ways you can hardly imagine, PLUS what is probably the most lavish book ever published on champagne: Bernadette O'Shea's 'Champagne & Chandeliers', a celebration of the most sumptous banquets in history and the most prestigious vintage champagnes.

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