Getting Down to the Real Work

We're several days into the harvest now and the warm sunny weather of the first couple of days has turned to rain and more rain - we'll bring you news and pictures of that in forthcoming videos but for now let's take another fix of sunshine.

Grape picking certainly looks ( and is ) great fun, but don't imagine that it's not hard work too.

Here are a couple of videos that look at some of the work that's involved.

As the grapes are picked they are sometimes put in small baskets and then ferried to the ends of the rows in a sort of human chain and there they are emptied into boxes called 'bennes' that are stacked up at the end of the vineyard.

Sometimes the bennes are taken down into the vineyard to avoid all the carrying to and fro of small baskets. Then however you have to get the heavy bennes out of the vines. Here's one sort of contraption for doing that

By the way at one point in this first videdo I say that the 'bennes' hold 50kg of sugar - that should be 50kg of grapes!

In the next video you'll see what happens to the bennes