Les Importateurs & Revendeurs parlent de la Vidéo


G. Spatafora de la société MILLESIMA le leader de la vente de grands crus et de grands vins.

Nous avons commencé à utiliser la vidéo fin 2009. Véritable outils de fidélisation, la vidéo nous permet de garder le contact avec nos clients entre les périodes d’achats. Educatif, les vidéos nous permettent de présenter les châteaux et domaines que nous offrons à des clients qui n’ont jamais visiter un vignoble… Et enfin, nous utilisons ce contenu vidéo auprès de prescripteurs que les réseaux sociaux afin de faire du buzz.

Dans une vidéo les spectateurs peuvent découvrir une propriété dans son ensemble, voir les vignes, les chais et apprendre sur l’histoire du vignoble. Pour le vigneron, la visibilité offerte par une vidéo sur Internet peut être incroyable si le contenu est intéressant grâce à l’effet virale.

L’intérêt pour le vigneron est dans ce cas de travailler sa notoriété.


Lucy Marcusson John Armit Wines – Royaume Uni

We feel it is key to ensure that our online content is as interesting as possible. Many customers want to interact as closely as possible with the producers so adding video content brings the vineyards and the people behind the wines as close to them as possible. It brings the whole winemaking process to life. It is interesting for those of us who haven’t visited the vineyards as well as for customers.


Bryan Maletis, Fat Cork Champagne Importer, Seattle USA

I feel video is one of the key elements in connecting the consumer with the products that we both promote. Video allows the consumer to see and almost "feel" where the product comes from and how it is made. Most of our emails now contain links to videos, and eventually our website will host videos of our products/producers.


Jeff Burch of Jeff Burch Wines Perth, Western Australia

Videos can be set up on the iPad of a salesman so he has the best chance to showcase the brand to retailer, sommelier, etc. to get the sales message across. Sales people are time-poor and on information overload. Things and messages get lost in the process. Videos are very helpful to sell the individual brand story.

A second use is with YouTube and brand projection for direct sales either on-line or at retail shop level. Yet another use is giving the retailer, restaurant access to information on-line for preparation of newsletters, wine lists, etc.

Michael Robertson Boutique Wines – Hong Kong

I think they’re great and their appeal to the interested is unquestionable.

I also see their commercial value and it goes without saying that some I have seen conducted totally in French with no sub titles have the most limited appeal. I have a big Chinese following so if you can’t do them in Cantonese or Mandarin then English will have to do

I like the two styles of the general commentary about a winery. I like the ones about a specific subject such as dosage and the ones that relate to specific wines being tasted have the best commercial appeal. The wineries themselves should fall over backwards to pay to have such a marketing video done on them and for them.

Think of those guys who only speak French and trying to sell globally. This is truly a gift. So where do I get a library of those you have done and wait for me to put in my requests for those I need done?

David Chapman Champagne Charlie U.K.

Video is an exceptionally powerful advertising tool for your wines and the video is retained by you to use for any purpose you wish. It is also the way forward for the future in sales promotion

Susan O’Neill Alliance Wine UK

We would be interested in using the kind of video you mentioned if they were available. I agree that videos can be a great sales tool, especially as we move further into the digital world. This is something our sales team would be able to use with their customers.

Roy Schneider Director of Marketing Alvin Restaurant Group, New York

videos can be... Emailed to Sommeliers and restauranteurs, developed for retail so that retailers can email them out as part of their marketing, played on monitors in retail outlets.

There are so many ways to leverage video to market any consumer brand.

Andrew Gillespie Managing Director at Monforte Wines LTD, UK

The digital environment makes it possible for small producers to create incredible consumer enrolment with minimal cost - this in itself will create a new level of competitiveness in our market place and the winners will be those who have the greatest insight into their consumers and learn to connect with them in this new world in the most relevant and creative manner.