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Who Am I?

17 years spent living and working in Champagne has allowed Jiles to build up a vast amount of knowledge about all things bubbly as well as a very extensive network of contacts, especially amongst the smaller and less well-known champagne makers whose champagnes will probably amaze you with their quality and diversity.

A job as area manager for Asia and Australia with Moët et Chandon was what first drew Jiles to Champagne after completing an MBA in Luxury Brand Management at ESSEC, a prestigious business school just outside Paris.

After nearly 9 years at Moët Jiles moved back to the UK where he started one of the first online businesses promoting and selling grower champagnes,

However the draw of ‘The King of Wines and the Wine of Kings’ once again proved irresistible and another 8 year stay in Champagne was the result. During this second stay in Champagne Jiles worked with the Syndicat Général des Vignerons de Champagne as an accedited consultant for small, independent champagne makers before setting up his own consultancy.

Jiles now spends his time between England and Champagne.and puts his knowledge and contacts to work helping wine lovers everywhere learn more about champagne and helping businesses and individuals to create their own private champagne brand.

He is the author of two books on champagne, several concise guides to champagne  and is the creator of an online champagne study course called My Champagne Expert



French Style in The Champagne Vineyards

Friday 28th October is Global Champagne Day or #ChampagneDay if you're into social media

To celebrate the day ( actually it's just another excuse to drink champagne) I've been out and about filming some champagne makers you may not have heard of yet, but whom you should definitely get to know

Here's the first and in this vidoe you can meet a larger-than-life Frenchman- Philpe Brun - who happens to make fantastic champagne too.

Breaking the Rules

If David Pehu and his ancestors had followed the rule book, they would never be producing the great Grand Cru champagnes that they do today.

That's because a good proportion of their vines are planted on north-facing slopes which conventional wisdom says is all wrong, but that's what rules are for - being broken!

In this short video you can discover all about Pehu Simonet Blanc de Noirs, Grand Cru and just what makes it so unusual including the fact that the vineyards are next to a lighthouse!

How to Mix Rosé and Green

If you love rosé champagne and also love our planet then here's an interesting bit of information I learned recently that may influence your choice of rosé champagne.

How To Organise A Champagne Harvest

Well, the dates of this year's harvest in Champagne are finally due to be announced today, August 17th, by the CIVC, the governing body of the industry. But many champagne makers had to make important decisions weeks ago about when to start picking. To discover why here's a brief insight into what needs to be done to organise a harvest.

Forecasting this year's harvest in Champagne has been a real roller-coaster ride with umpteen theories doing the rounds for months now.

After a long and snowy winter the sun finally came out in April and as if to compensate for all the snow, it stayed out for weeks and the bright blue skies brought almost no rain at all. The vines burst into life and just kept on growing and growing; before long they were way ahead of where they would have been in a 'normal' year

Rosé Champagne - How To Find The One You Love

Are you a fan of pink champagne?

If you are, then you’re not alone. Over the past few years, demand for the pink stuff has just gone through the roof .