The Special Easter 2020 online Fizz Quiz

2020 Easter Fizz Quiz 640And now for something completely different!

The Special Easter 2020 online Fizz Quiz

Most of us will be at home anyway this Easter, but that doesn't mean we can't all have some fun together with other champagne lovers around the world. So we've decided to organize and on-line champagne quiz on Sunday 12th April

We'll have prizes and surprises so why not test your skills and see how many of the quesitons you can answer correctly.

We'll have some evil ones to test the most experienced amongst you and also some more gentle questions if you're not an expert, so don't be shy - come and join in

Here's the link to get further details, including the time we'll be going live in your time zone, and to register to save your place.and IT's all totally free, so go ahead and register now.


Looking forward to seeing you then

,Keep safe and healthy