How to match food and champagne


Food Matching coverFor most people champagne is a wine that you serve as an aperitif, before a meal, not during a meal but that’s an odd thing when you stop to think about it because, after all, champagne is just a white wine that has bubbles in it and because of the many different types and styles available there’s a champagne to go with just about every type of dish or cuisine  you care to mention, except perhaps for a steak or a joint of beef.

When I was living and working in Champagne I discovered that serving champagne throughout a meal is not only, the thing to do, but that it makes for a fabulous occasion.

Did you know, for example, that white wine ( and that includes champagne) goes better than red wine with most cheeses, particularly soft cheeses?

Or that a hundred years go or more, champagne used to be served at the end of a meal, not before?

That’s because, back then, champagne was sweeter than it is now, but sweeter champagne is still available these days and it goes wonderfully with a whole host of desserts.

What about rosé champagne with duck, pigeon or even lamb?

Champagne and roast turkeyThe acidity in champagne is a perfect balance to the fattiness of the meat and if you’ve never tried champagne with lighter meats such as chicken and turkey then you’ve missed out on a real treat. You’d be amazed at what a good combination it is.

You’d probably not think twice about serving a white wine with fish, so why not consider champagne as an exciting alternative.

If all this is new to you, you may be intrigued, but you may not know where to begin - that’s why I’ve created The World of Food and Champagne  - a concise and easy to follow guide that gives you the golden rules for matching champagne with food including many tips and ideas that you’ve probably never thought of.

Trianon It’s all based on what I saw and tasted when I worked for the biggest champagne brand of them all where they have not one fully staffed gourmet kitchen, but two, in order to prepare sumptuous lunches and dinners for private guests.

So if you’d like to discover the secrets of these top class chefs and gain the confidence and knowledge to create your own amazing meals that your guests will be talking about long after the last glass is empty and the last plate cleared away then you’ll find it all in The World of Food and Champagne

and don’t worry you don’t need an army of kitchen staff and you don’t need to be a trained chef. Everything you need to get started is in The World of Food and Champagne

As well as explaining the broad principles of matching food and champagne the guide includes very practical tips in the form of a grid that will show you what sauces, vegetables, meat, herbs and cheeses go with which type of champagne.

The guide is yours for just $7.99 and you can get your downloadable copy now by clicking on the link below,

Your taste buds and your guests will thank you for it.