I thought I'd seen everything, but I was wrong...


Living in the vineyards you get used to seeing row upon row of vines stretching into the distance almost as far as one can see. This is wine making country, after all, and you don’t expect to see cows and sheep grazing (well, perhaps some sheep, but that’s a story for another day and another blog).

In fact, you don’t expect to see many animals at all, so imagine my surprise when I saw a camel calmly munching grass by the side of the road in Aÿ. I just had to stop the car and take a picture.

It was weeks before I found out that the circus had been in town and that is where the camel came from, although I never did find out what the camel and one solitary horse were doing on their own near a roundabout.

That was one of the more unusual sights of Champagne but by no means the only one. Take for example this collection of old cars in a barn at the side of the D443 leading to Bar-sur-Seine.Old car collection 2

Someone has obviously spent a lot of time and probably quite a bit of money on this although there is no evidence that this is a commericla enterprise – it was just done for the pleasure of it, it would seem.

That’s not the case for M. Fontaine, the distiller.

He operates one of the last remaining mobile distilleries that makes its way from village to village helping vignerons turn some of their surplus grape juice into alcohol or eau-de-vie – at reduced rates of tax as well!


Mobile Distillery640








To see these sights and learn all the secrets of champagne you have to get off the beaten track, down alleys and across fields that I discovered during the 17 years I lived and worked there.

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