Christmas Party Tips and A New E-Book


1) Putting on the style

Big is better

Bottlesizes225A bottle of champagne only contains about 6 glassfuls, so it doesn’t need many people to finish the bottle. If you’re throwing a party you’re going to need a lot more than 1 lonely bottle, so why not buy magnums instead?

A magnum is a double bottle and although it’s usually a little bit more expensive than buying 2 bottles, there are a couple of very good reasons to go for magnums:

First there’s the wine itself.

Part of the ageing process for champagne involves the interaction between the air in the neck of the bottle and the wine that fills most of the bottle.

In a magnum you have twice as much liquid as in a bottle but only a little bit more air, so the whole ageing process is slowed down.

That means magnums spend longer in the champagne-maker’s cellar and this extra ageing means the flavours and aromas are always that little bit richer, rounder and more complex – try it and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

Second, magnums look so much more impressive and will really add a bit of fun and elegance to your party. I guarantee that the slight extra cost of magnums is well worth it.

(photo courtesy of Michel Jolyot)

Look out for more tips in fothcoming blog posts

The Insider’s Guide To Champagne – Revised edition

Everything you need to know about champagne, but no one tells you

CoverforIGCSept2013-225If you, or anyone you know, is fascinated by champagne and wants to learn more, then my new, revised e-book The Insider’s Guide To Champagne is the perfect answer.

In the latest edition you’ll find over 50 pictures and images so that you gain an even deeper understanding of champagne. Plus there are over a dozen links to video clips that bring you right into the world of champagne almost as if you were here yourself.

It’s written in user-friendly language and gives an alternative view on some of the old stories that are bandied about so often and which are taken as the only way to understand champagne. Perhaps there’s more than one way of looking at things?

By the time you reach the last page you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make up your own mind. You’ll…

- Know more about champagne than most wine waiters and wine store staff. 

- Be confident when buying champagne and ordering in a restaurant

- Be able to impress your friends and business colleagues with your knowledge.

- Save yourself a lot of money by knowing if a champagne is a bargain, or over-priced.

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Here are a few comments from people who have already read The Insider’s Guide To Champagne

I learned more about champagne from your book, The Insider’s Guide To Champagne, than any other book, tasting or chateau visit I have had the pleasure of attending.

I was fascinated with every page – just wanted to read on and on. Your book is MUST for anyone who wants to know about champagne

Your book is so informative and brilliantly written giving all the information in an exceptionally readable style which is so rare these days.

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Christmas is champagne time so treat yourself, or a friend, to this great little champagne gift!