Sex In The Vineyards

Well, it’s butterflies in this case.

The problem for the vignerons is that, left to their own devices, the butterflies will burrow into the grapes to lay their eggs and once the skins of the grapes are perforated, that’s an open door for rot to set in.

Diffuseur225The conventional way to combat this problem was to spray the vines and the grapes with insecticide and kill the butterflies, but even though the sprays are less noxious than they used to be, spraying isn’t as acceptable as it once was, so a better solution had to be found.

In the video below you’ll see how advances in science have allowed the vignerons in Champagne to do just that. It’s not just the small grower champagne makers that are adopting this method either, the big brands are following suit as well. Good news for butterflies and champagne lovers

Still confused?

I hope that by the end of the video all will be clear.