Stuck At The Office

Au-Bureau-In-ReimsA few months ago I was out and about in Reims and I noticed a semi-derelict building on the piazza in front of the cathedral. You could just make out the remains of a sign that revealed that the building used to be the Garage de la Cathedral.

What a strange place to have a garage I thought; it would be much better as a bar with some tables chairs and parasols outside. It’s a shame no one has bought it to renovate.

Well, last Saturday I was in the same spot and saw that some smart entrepreneur has done just that. What a smart move. They say that it’s all about location, location, location and this place is perfect. Old-Garage-De-La-Cathedrale

I would think that it will do a fantastic trade and will quickly become one of THE places to go in Reims, so if you’re going to be in Reims this summer be sure to check it out.

It’s going to be called Au Bureau, The Office, so people will be able to ring home way after they were due back and say “I’m so sorry but I’ve been delayed and I’m still at The Office darling”


Au-Bureau-What-It-Might-Look-LikeThere’s still a bit of work to do mind you, but they should be finished in a few months and that’s a lot more than the guys working on the original cathedral could say.