Walking The Environmental Walk

Francois explains the soil for MMICHere's a story about a champagne maker who not only 'talks the talk' when it comes to looking after the environment, but 'walks the walk' as well.

It's François Huré at Huré Frères in Ludes and if you don't already know his champagnes, do be sure to taste them whenever you see them in a wine shop. or on the internet. You won't be disappointed.

Mind you, you don't have to take just my word for that: François has recently had a great write up from Brad Baker aka 'The Champagne Warrior' in his newsletter.

Brad's a leading authority on champagne and if he is impressed by something the chances are you will be too.

Air bubble in the bottle for MMICAnyway, François has recently announced that from next January he is changing the colour  of  the bottle for his rosé from clear to amber.

You may wonder why he's doing that when many people put more emphasis on a clear bottle to show off the colour of the wine inside.

You probably know already that one of the reasons that coloured glass is used is that it protects wine from ultra violet light which can give it an unpleasant 'goût de lumière'. That's one good reason for moving away from clear glass even though,  from a marketing point of view, clear bottles for rosé are more 'sexy'.

It seems however that although clear bottles may be easy on the eye, they're not so easy on our good 'ole Mother Earth.

HURE ROSE for MMICWhy not? Well for a start clear bottles aren't re-cycled, at least not as clear glass.

Used clear bottles get mixed in with green and brown glass and all sorts of other colours and once that happens you can't get clear glass out at the end of the recycling process. That means that all clear glass bottles are made from scratch - not the most efficient use of resources.

For another thing, to make clear glass you have to hear the furnace to a few hundred degrees more than for green and brown glass - again more energy needlessly going up in smoke.

I suspect that there are not many champagne makers who have gone to the trouble of researching the production of clear glass to the same extent as François Huré and probably even fewer who would actually take action on what they found out.

That's one more reason, if you still needed one, to discover Champagne Huré Frères as soon as you get the opportunity.

Do come back soon for more news and comment from Champagne and meanwhile....

Stay Bubbly