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champagne-pehu-simonet-contact-logoNo, this article isn't all about matching champagne with roast game birds, despite what you may think from the title.

It's about two things really, both to do with Champagne Pehu Simonet.

David is in the process of converting some of his vineyards to bio-dynamic status. It's a long procedure taking several years and you have to satisfy several strict criteria about the products you put on the vines and in the soil. Some of the practices may seem a bit weird, as you will see from the video below and some people look askance at bio-dynamics, but that doesn't bother David Pehu. As I mentioned in the first article, he's nothing if not his own man and he doesn't much care what other people may think.

And the poultry? Ah yes. Well that comes from the name of the particular plot on vineyard featured in the video. Each plot has its own personality so why not its own name?