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Dom-Caudron-Vintage-225I’m as enthusiastic as the next person about grower champagnes or RM (Récoltant Manipulants) as they are sometimes called. However, if you listen to some commentators those two small letters have become the be all and end all of champagne whilst nothing else is really worth drinking at all.

The bigger houses or NM (Négociant Manipulant ) are just too big and vulgar, according to some, and as for the Cooperatives (CM), well… just they’re just about mass production with no quality whatsoever, or so some people would have you believe.

As ever of course, generalisations are way wide of the mark and often just plain wrong. It’s true that the RM tend to be much smaller operations that the other two categories and that has a charm of its own for some people, however many of the larger-scale producers make very good champagne indeed (look at Jacquart and Pannier for example) and if you look at the sales figures, brands owned by cooperatives are selling more and more with each passing years.

To the list of excellent cooperatives I’d like to add the name of Dom Caudron and here are a few good reasons why.

You’ll find Dom Caudron in Passy Grigny just a couple of kilometres from exit of the A4 autoroute which makes it one ofLes-Confidences-sign-225 the easiest champagne houses to visit from Paris, by the way. Passy Grigny is a sleepy little French village but when you arrive at Dom Caudron you can immediately see that something is happening.

For a start there is a wonderful new visitor centre called Les Confidences de Dom Caudron (see the video below) and if you take the 45 minute tour you’ll see that a huge investment has been made over the past few years to really put Dom Caudron on the map .

The same energy is being put into the champagne. The packaging is great and the wines too are winning lots of fans.

Dom-Caudron-Rose-225Not surprisingly for a champagne producer in the heart of the Vallée de La Marne, Pinot Meunier is the mainstay of the Dom Caudron range. In fact several of their cuvées are pure Pinot Meunier and given the increasing interest in this sometimes under-rated grape variety, that can only be good news for the people at Passy Grigny.

In the forthcoming videos you’ll see some spectacular views over the Marne River valley and the nearby village of Sainte Gemme where Dom Caudron source a lot of their grapes. This is the same Sainte Gemme that the chef de cave at Veuve Clicquot recently said he admired to such an extent that grapes from Sainte Gemme almost invariably find their way into the Veuve Clicqout champagnes. That’s a pretty good endorsement for the quality of Dom Caudron champagnes too.

You’ll find the people are friendly and relaxed at Dom Caudron and I think you’ll be impressed by the champagnes. You can discover lots more in the videos below and get an inside view of what goes on at Dom Caudron at various times of the year.

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Thanks and Stay Bubbly.