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Didier-Ducos-wallpaper-225Champagne Didier Ducos started life in the same way as so many other small champagne houses. Returning home to the village of St.Martin d’Ablois after deportation during World War II, Adrien Didier found almost nothing: no work; no house. Starting his own company and building his own house and offices was as much a necessity as anything else. However it was from these difficult beginnings that today’s champagne producer was eventually created.

Fast forward a couple of generations and we find the company run by Nicolas Didier and his wife Clotilde. It’s still very much a family affair with Nicolas father, Christophe, still being involved in the business and a warm family atmosphere that is quickly apparent when you visit.

The village of St.Martin d’Ablois does not fit easily into any of the well-known areas of Champagne: it sits in a little DIDIER-DUCOS-ABSOLU-MEUNIER-225pocket called Les Coteaux Sud d’Epernay that lies at the intersection of La Vallée de la Marne and La Côte des Blancs. The advantage of this is that all three champagne grape varieties grow happily here with Pinot Meunier amd Chardonnay producing particularly good results. One of the champagnes produced by Didier Ducos is in fact a pure Pinot Meunier, still a rarity in Champagne but well worth discovering.

Didier Ducos is gradually expanding its sales outside France and is a name you may well be seeing more of in the years to come.

We have several videos to bring to you. In the first you can meet the family and learn more about St. Martin d’Ablois and Les Coteaux Sud d’Epernay.