Unlike most champagnes on the market Penet-Chardonnet uses what’s called ‘Low-Dosage’. That means that very little sugar has been added so you really get the full flavour of the fruit. ( often Zero Dosage i.e no added sugar at all)

The more technical amongst you may be intrigued by the fact that Penet-Chardonnet NEVER uses malolactic fermentation and as far as I and everyone I know can tell, Penet-Chardonnet is the ONLY champagne maker who neither adds sugar nor uses malolactic fermentation

In some other champagnes this combination could mean a harsh, acidic taste but Penet-Chardonnet is aged for FAR longer than most other champagnes to allow the champagne to develop full round flavours that are really luscious on your tongue

It’s incredible how they achieve this fantastic balance, but they do.

Penet-Chardonnet is truly unique in a sea of champagnes that are sometimes hard to tell apart