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David-Pehus-Copper-Bath-225You may well wonder what a copper bath has to do with the harvest, or with champagne at all for that matter, so let me explain.

The other day I went to see David Pehu at Champagne Pehu Simonet. David is a real character, always has lots of projects on the go and what he has to say is always worth listening to.

He also happens to make superb champagne and you don't need simply to take my word for it. His importer in the USA is Michael Skurnik Wines whose range of champagnes is personally selected by Terry Thiese, one of the leading authorities on grower champagnes in the States, if not the world. He only goes for the best.

Anyway, back to the copper bath and the harvest...

The bath resides in splendour in David's office, just in front of his desk. It's only got papers and files in it now, but David has informally promised me that one day we'll do a video of him in the bath complete with bubbles, a cigar in the mouth and a flute of champagne in the hand. Not one to be missed, so I'll try to keep David to his promise.

For the time being however I have videoed him talking about what he feels is in store for this year's harvest.

Enjoy watching and there will be more vidoes about Champagne Pehu Simonet coming up shortly, so come back soon or follow on Facebook My Man In Champagne.