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Polka-225Little by little you can see attitudes and practices changing every year in Champagne and more and more attention being given to looking after the environment.

Erick De Sousa was one of the very first to adopt these practices and he even goes as far as using bio-dynamic viticulture which involves, amongst other things adapting the work in the vineyards to the phases and rhythms of the moon.

Not surprisingly his influence has rubbed off on his children and they too are keen environmentalists when it comes to producing the family's now brand called Zoémie De Sousa.

In this video you can see them ploughing the vineyards with the help of two huge Ardennes horses called Pagasus and Polka.


   Erick-with-Pegasus225For small, grower champagnes, ploughing with horses is a viable option whereas for big brands such as Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot or any other of the 'grandes maisons' as they are called, it's not a realistic way to work and they can only really make token gestures in this regard.

Still it's not only to care for the environment that the De Sousas use horses in the vineyards, there are other benefits for the champagne itself as you'll find out in this video.