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Patrick Manceaux range of champagnes

If you ask Patrick Manceaux or his sister Agnès Givry, who together run Champagne Roger Manceaux, why a bicycle was so important to the history of their company they will immediately understand what you mean and will tell you the story of how the company was started by their grandfather.

You can hear Patrick tell the story in the video below so I won’t steal his thunder, but suffice it to say that their grandfather must have been a very single-minded young man.

You’ll find Champagne Roger Manceaux in the village of Rilly-La-Montagne, a thriving little village in the heart of the Montagne De Reims area of Champagne. Patrick calls it The Crossroads of Champagne partly because all three Champagne grape varieties are planted in and around the village and partly because it’s midway between Epernay and Reims and still has a railway station on the line joining the two towns.

The railway line is why the village prospered and developed. The trains meant the champagne producers in the village could transport their champagne really easily and that accounts for the large number of them in Rilly: about 70 in total. This is definitely NOT a place where you’ll go thirsty.

Patrick supervises all the work in the vineyards and the winemaking whilst Agnès is in charge of the administration and marketing. The make a great team and you can sense immediately that this is a champagne house that is going places.

The quality of the champagne is excellent as demonstrated by the medal recently awarded for their stunning rosé at the Independent Wine Makers’ Competition 2012 and the prices, in my view, are very reasonable.

Added to that, all the labelling and packaging has been re-designed this year and each bottle looks fabulous in its new livery.

If you want to know where you can buy this champagne in the country where you live drop me or Agnès an e-mail – e-mail addresses are at the end of the videos – and we’ll get right back to you.