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The easiest and surest way to plan an unforgettable trip to Champagne.

  • Fed up of trawling through mountains of bewildering information on Google?
  • Don’t know how to choose amongst all the names and addresses the Tourist Office will give you?

Don’t worry. We had the same feeling too, so we came up with the answer.

Champagne-Day-App225In our Champagne Day app for iPhones we’ll introduce you to our favourite people and places in Champagne. We’ve lived here since 1996 and we’ve made some fantastic discoveries and we’ve had some nightmares too.

We know you don’t have 15 years to plan your trip to Champagne and we know that you don’t want to waste your time and money going to the wrong places, so in Champagne Day we’ve selected a handful of places where we know you’ll have a great experience.

Hotels, B & Bs, restaurants, large champagne houses and some superb grower champagnes that you’d probably never discover on your own; you’ll find all our personal recommendations in Champagne Day.

We’ve spent years finding these places so you don’t have to and you also don’t have to spend hours and hours doing internet searches or wading through the stuff from the Office de Tourisme.

Click on this link which will take you to the Apple Store, grab your copy of Champagne Day and you’re half way to a fabulous holiday in Champagne.

Stay Bubbly and have a great holiday